New facility has ‘big’ impact on recruiting

New facility has ‘big’ impact on recruiting


New facility has ‘big’ impact on recruiting


Brandon Streeter’s eyes lit up Tuesday when asked about the impact Clemson’s $55 million Allen Reeves Football Complex has had on the program’s recruiting efforts since the facility officially opened in February.

“It’s big,” Clemson’s recruiting coordinator said with a smile at Dabo Swinney’s annual media golf outing.

Among the many amenities the football operations facility has to offer is a career development and leadership center, training/rehab center and nutrition center as well as a dining room, weight room, locker rooms and meeting rooms.

Of course, it also houses amenities meant for enjoyment, such as a bowling alley, barbershop, movie theater, nine-hole putt-putt course and an outdoor seating and grilling area.

As you can imagine, the facility has been a hit with the recruits who have experienced it.

“You tell them about it on the phone and you tell them how special this new facility is, and they can see the virtual tour on the internet and all that stuff,” Streeter said. “But when they get there, they’re all saying wow, I didn’t know it was this big, I didn’t know you had all this stuff. And so it’s neat to see their faces and the parents and their faces.”

There are a lot of reasons recruits want to visit Clemson nowadays, and to see the facility is certainly one of them.

“For us, it’s easy to get them on campus,” Streeter said.

Dabo Swinney’s vision for the facility wasn’t centered around giving Clemson an advantage over its competitors in recruiting — he imagined a building that would help bring his entire program together.

And the facility, of course, doesn’t draw prospects to Clemson by itself. The winning tradition of Clemson’s program, the people involved in the program and the culture at Clemson in general have long been main attractions.

Streeter looks at the facility as being icing on the cake for Clemson.

“You can highlight that stuff, and then you can sit them down and say look, this is all cool, icing-on-the-cake-stuff, but what we’re all about is the relationships,” Streeter said. “And when you can have both of those things, which we have now, we’re going to get a lot of guys that we want.”


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