UCLA QB needs to have more respect for Watson, Scott and Clemson

UCLA QB needs to have more respect for Watson, Scott and Clemson


UCLA QB needs to have more respect for Watson, Scott and Clemson

I know UCLA head coach Jim Mora is known for saying a few outlandish things during his time as a head coach in both the NFL and in college, but I didn’t know his quarterback, Josh Rosen, does it too.

In case you missed it, the Bruins’ starting quarterback doesn’t seem too impressed with the fact former Clemson players Deshaun Watson and Artavis Scott graduated from Clemson in three years.

“I’m not knocking what those guys accomplished. They should be applauded for that,” Rosen said to the Bleacher Report on Tuesday. “But certain schools are easier than others.”

“If I wanted to graduate in three years, I’d just get a sociology degree,” he continued.

Wow! I’m glad you are not knocking what those guys accomplished, Josh.

Certain schools are easier than others?


That’s all you got!

You take a shot at Clemson University!

So you basically think because Clemson is located in the South in “the good ol’ state of South Carolina” that it just hands a degree to anyone that wants one. You don’t think people work hard for them?

Not only was that a slap in the face to Watson’s and Scott’s accomplishment, but to every Clemson graduate who is proud to own a degree from here, including my stepfather. Granted, Clemson is not Yale, Princeton or Harvard, but neither is UCLA.

But let’s take away the schools for a second and just focus on the student athlete. Getting a college degree is an accomplishment no matter where you get one or what your major is. When a young man or woman earns a degree, and I don’t care what it is in, they need to be applauded for such.

He has no idea if it was hard for them or not.

I don’t know Mr. Rosen’s curriculum at UCLA. And personally, I don’t care to know. But I do know what Watson and Scott did in order to walk across that stage at Littlejohn Coliseum last December.

They both took a total of 35 credit hours in the spring and in the summer of 2016 to put themselves in position to graduate an entire year early. At the same time, they continued to train their tails off for the football season and their productivity did not slip in either one.

To attack Clemson University is one thing, which is ridiculous by the way. But to attack the accomplishments of another student athlete is another thing entirely. Getting their college degrees was extremely important to both Watson and Scott.

So Mr. Rosen, Deshaun Watson and Artavis Scott might not have a fancy West Coast degree from the University of California at Los Angeles, but they have a college degree. And you know what else they have – they have a national championship ring to go along with it.

I think those country boys from little ol’ Clemson did quite well for themselves, don’t you think? By the way, Artavis Scott is working out right across town for the Chargers. Why don’t you go and tell him his Clemson degree doesn’t mean as much or that it was easy to get.


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