Unplugged: C.J. Fuller

Unplugged: C.J. Fuller


Unplugged: C.J. Fuller

Redshirt junior C.J. Fuller is in the middle of a three-man competition to replace Wayne Gallman as Clemson’s starting running back this season. We got a chance to catch up with Fuller after the Tigers’ practice on Tuesday to discuss everything from his physical condition to freshman running back Travis Etienne. Fuller boasts a lean weight of 207, which he attributes to his diet, and expects to see improved stamina on the field. Fuller also discusses the heathy competition between himself, Tavion Feaster, and Adam Choice.

Question: How would you say you’re doing physically right now?

Fuller: “I’m in the best shape of my life right now. That’s something I was really committed to over the summer, trying to shave as much weight as I could off, trying to eat the best I could during the offseason and trying to continue that throughout the season. I’m about 207-208 right now.”

Question: Wasn’t it about a year ago when you got pretty thick?

Fuller: “Yes, I got a little too big throughout the season, and I wasn’t able to play as many snaps because I was too winded. Losing this weight will be an advantage to me. It’s for conditioning, eating healthier.”

Question: What’s the running back competition like right now?

Fuller: “It’s been great. Every day we come out grinding, trying to put out the best effort to fight for the job.”

Question: Today you had an extra spring in your step. What do you attribute that to?

Fuller: “The offensive line created some holes today, and I just took advantage of it.”

Question: Coach Swinney said the players have been very supportive of each other despite the position battles.

Fuller: “Yes, I feel like in this group we aren’t selfish at all. We feel like whoever coach puts out there first deserves it. So whoever is first, that’s who coach wants, and the next man up is going to be ready to go.”

Question: How do you feel like you have progressed since day one of camp?

Fuller: “I feel like every day I’ve been getting a little bit better, and that’s my mindset just to come out better than I was yesterday. Whether it’s blocking, finishing my runs, reading the defense or picking up blitzes, there is something I can get better at everyday, and that is my mindset.

Question: What have you seen out of Travis Etienne so far?

 Fuller: “He’s going to be a great player. He still has a good bit to learn, but he is going to be a great player.”


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