Fields having his best camp

Fields having his best camp


Fields having his best camp

Clemson cornerback Mark Fields spoke with the media earlier this week. The junior spoke about rebounding from his turf toe injury and the recovery process, the one-on-one time that the cornerbacks are getting with coach Mike Reed, and how the freshman are doing.

Question: How does it feel to have Coach Reed just focusing on the corners now? Is it more one-on-one coaching now?

Fields: “Yeah, absolutely. Coach Reed really gets to focus on just us and we get to focus on a lot more detail.”

Question: What kind of camp do you think you’re having so far?

Fields: “I think I am having an outstanding camp, probably one of my best camps since I’ve been here. I am feeling one hundred percent from the turf toe and I am ready to go.”

Question: Are you working on your technique, your footwork, are you paying attention to the details of the position?

Fields: “I’m really focusing on the ends and outs of the defense, like knowing what I do and also knowing what the man in front of me is doing.”

Question: How fun is it being apart of a defense that has the potential to be as good as this one?

Fields: “It’s fun, because we come out here everyday and we continue to get better.”

Question: Did you have it in your mind coming out here that you wanted to grab a certain job. That this was ‘my time, my year?’

Fields: “Oh, yeah absolutely. That is my mindset coming into practice everyday.”

Question: Are you where you want to be at the beginning of the season?

Fields: “I think I am past where I wanted to be coming into the season, I’ve continued to work on the fundamentals and I am one hundred percent back from my turf toe injury which is very exciting.”

Question: How did the turf toe happen?

Fields: “Long story short, I was shedding a block and I was coming to make a tackle and one of the defenders had hit me in the back and my toe got caught in the grass. I felt it. I had toe turf in high school, so I knew exactly what it felt like.”


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