O’Daniel has Boulware’s back

O’Daniel has Boulware’s back


O’Daniel has Boulware’s back


Clemson linebacker promotes former teammate's new fitness center on national television

Dorian O’Daniel got a rare opportunity to promote himself on Good Morning Football Monday on the NFL Network. However, he also took the opportunity to promote his former Clemson teammate, linebacker Ben Boulware, and his new business.

When asked how Boulware was doing and what he was up to these days, O’Daniel updated the former All-American’s new venture – his own fitness center.

Boulware opened The Junkyard Monday, which is located on North Main Street in Anderson, S.C.

“He is doing well,” O’Daniel said on the NFL Network Show. “Things did not work out for him as he had planned on the football side, but I will give a little glimpse. He is actually opening up a gym. He actually opened it up today. It is called The Junkyard. He is called the Junkyard Dawg so it is a good marketing technique.”

The Junkyard Web site says it “provides an innovative, high-intensity, results driven training regimen that inspires not only a fit body, but a healthy mind. We provide an electric, positive environment where members compete to our newly patented workout technology to the rhythm of today’s hottest music.”

At The Junkyard, their team of experts is committed to helping their clients accomplish their fitness goals, and ultimately lead a happier life.

“At The Junkyard, we’re continually developing our patented technology in order to bring results through innovation,” the Web site said. “Here, it’s more than just a workout… it’s an experience.”

O’Daniel, who is considered one of the more versatile linebackers in this year’s draft, admitted Boulware surprised him with the new technology he came up with.

“It’s weird because Ben is not the technical guy, or at least I thought, but the basis of it is you work out to the beat of each song that plays,” the Clemson linebacker said. “It’s all hip-hop and that kind of stuff. It’s interesting so look out for that. It opens up today.”

Boulware signed with the Carolina Panthers last year as a free agent. He was cut after the preseason and then picked up by the San Francisco 49ers where he was cut again. Since then the former Clemson linebacker has worked on opening up his fitness center and has been teasing about it on his social media accounts for almost a month.

“That alluded to what he was getting to,” O’Daniel said. “He wanted people to be on their toes. The public did not know what he was doing and everyone was like, ‘What is Ben doing now?’ That alluded to it and it has now worked out.”



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