Tigers put an emphasis on downfield passing game

Tigers put an emphasis on downfield passing game


Tigers put an emphasis on downfield passing game


Hunter Renfrow says the Clemson offense has made a conscientious effort this spring to make big plays downfield, and they are seeing the results.

The Tigers’ offense has performed well for much of Clemson’s 11 spring practices thus far and Renfrow says the offense has as many big plays, if not more, than it has had in past springs.

Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney said the Tigers’ eight touchdowns in last week’s scrimmage were the most he can ever recall in a scrimmage since he has been at Clemson.

“There are so many different guys, too,” Renfrow said. “It is not just Mike Williams getting one every day. It is Cornell (Powell) getting one, then Tee (Higgins), then Diondre (Overton), then Trevion (Thompson) and T.J. Chase, so everyone is making plays and it is more of a group effort rather than just one guy taking over.”

Renfrow said getting the football down the field and attacking more on big plays has been a priority this spring. He said it is that way every year, but this spring they have put a little more emphasis on the downfield passing game.

Obviously, with just 13 touchdown passes from Kelly Bryant in 2017, it was an area the Tigers struggled with last year. Of course it was not all Bryant’s fault. Some of the blame can go on the receivers for not getting open or off the line, the offensive line for not holding their blocks or a running back missing a read in pass protection.

“We are trying to expand the field horizontally and open up stuff over the middle and the run game and stuff like that so we have worked hard it,” Renfrow said. “It seems like we have worked at it just like the last couple of springs. It is something that is a staple in our offense and we will continue to work on it in the summer and going into the fall.”


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