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What’s trending on The Clemson Insider today? A number of things including if Trevor Lawrence could do something as a freshman that Watson didn’t do with the Tigers, what would you change on the Clemson uniform if you could change one thing, Seth Beer gets promoted already and Clemson missed the cut for a 4-star OL.

Also, a discussion of TCI’s new Recruiting podcast and a contest to find a name for the new feature.

Trending on TCI:

Could Lawrence do something Watson couldn’t do as a freshman

You won’t believe where writer thinks SC football has an advantage over Clemson

New TCI Feature:  TCI Recruiting Podcast

Need your help – Name the new TCI Recruiting Podcast

If you could change one thing on the Clemson uniform

Oculus Tiger Paw

Clemson doesn’t make the cut for 4-star OL

Seth Beer has been promoted already


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