Richt has some surprising news

Richt has some surprising news


Richt has some surprising news

CHARLOTTE, N.C.– The media spoke with Miami head coach Mark Richt. He had some surprising news for us.

Richt’s reaction to turnover chain

“What’s been my reaction? It’s the greatest thing since sliced bread. It’s really the greatest thing since the 10-bite sandwich, actually. People ask me about that — first of all, I didn’t know about the turnover chain until the first game. Coach Diaz is like, hey, Coach, by the way, we’ve got this chain, in case we get a turnover we’re going to put it on their neck.”

“It is gaudy and it’s beautiful. But like I’ve said all year long, or since the season ended, if we got three turnovers last year, it would have been mocked. It would have been laughed at. But when you get 31 turnovers or whatever it was, maybe there’s something to it.”

“It did create an awful lot of excitement for our team. It created an awful lot of excitement for our fans, not just at the games but around the country. It was a special thing.”

Richt discusses the rise of competition in the ACC

“There’s a lot of teams that got good coaches, and I think people are beginning to say, in order to be great in football, we’ve got to pour resources into all the things that it takes to develop a player, whether it’s facilities or strength and conditioning or how you feed them or all those types of things, and you’ve also got to hire certain coaches and give them the ability to have a salary pool that will allow you to get a good staff that will stick with you without getting out-bidded every time you turn around. And I see that happening throughout the league, and I think we’re seeing a lot of really good teams that can beat anybody across America on any given day.”

Richt on the ACC network

“It’s very big. And you can have a network and not necessarily generate the same revenue as other networks. Not only do we need the network, but we need to get the people to want to watch it and do what it takes to get the viewership and all that up to get the revenue up. The revenue is going to go up, but how much? And it’s certainly going to go up enough to continue the trend of the advances that people are making, and I think some of the AD’s — I’m not in their business, but I would think, knowing that the network is coming and there’s more revenue coming, they’re having more confidence to step out and do the things that it takes to be great.”


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