Miami ready to start season with LSU

Miami ready to start season with LSU


Miami ready to start season with LSU


CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Miami players Ahmmon Richards and Jaquan Johnson spoke to the media at the ACC Football Kickoff at the Westin Charlotte Wednesday in Charlotte, N.C.

Jaquan Johnson on kick starting the season with LSU

“I mean, opening up against LSU, we all know that it’s not a slouch team, SEC competitive team. Look forward to going out and competing every day just like us. You hear DBU over there. Those guys, they’re just like Miami guys, to be honest. That’s where the great Ed Reed is from, so you always have to pay respect to the opponent that’s in front of you. But the team, we’re excited, we’re motivated, and we’re working hard towards LSU.”

Ahmmon Richards and Jaquan Johnson on the turnover chain. Ahmmon Richards: “I think so. I think it’s time (on the offense getting something similar to the turnover chain). But those guys work hard, and they’re really enjoying it, and it helps them out, also, wanting to make plays and stuff. So I think we should have something, but it’s not up to me.”

Jaquan Johnson: “Well, I don’t hear as much conversation on the sidelines talking about the turnover chain, but I hear we need turnovers. Whatever that means. But we definitely look forward to getting a turnover and then putting the chain on our neck. It motivates the team. It excites the crowd, and it bothers the other team.”

Jaquan Johnson what motivates the Hurricanes

“Well, we used those three games that we lost. We try to not lose them. We talk about finishing. That’s one of the main things. We’ve got to start fast and finish strong. We started fast last year, but we didn’t finish strong. In Wisconsin we let that game go, come up here to Charlotte, and I get we get surprised by the big stage and lose that. Then we slipped up at Pitt, lackadaisical, missing throws, not executing on defense, things like that we can’t do. We have to have an attack mindset the entire season. That’s the only way you can win it all.”



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