Pearman discusses special teams depth

Pearman discusses special teams depth


Pearman discusses special teams depth


Special teams coordinator and tight end coach Danny Pearman spoke to the media today after fall camp. Pearman discussed all things special teams and the depth at each position.

Pearman on depth at every position on special teams

“I’ve been fortunate enough to have been here ten years and this is, as far as specialists go, snappers, holders, kickers and punters, this is probably the most competitive groups that we’ve had here. There’s three good punters vying for the starting job, there’s kickers where there is a lot of competition. So, hopefully that will shake out and we will be able to play the guy who gives us the best opportunity to win.”

Pearman on Kendrick and Huegel 

“Both are having a good, solid camp. Kendrick has done a nice job working as a punt returner and also a kickoff returner. For field goals, Huegel has done well as far as the three kids competing for the field goal job; BT Potter, Alex Spence and Greg Huegel.”

Pearman on the new kick off rule 

“From our stand point we are going to kick the ball and cover the ball on kickoff return. It will be up to them to decide whether they are going to fair catch it or not. I think you cover it just like you cover a punt. If the guy fair catches it, you have to react accordingly. For us, our mindset is to bring the ball out, especially if we have a good returner.”

Pearman on Sawicki

“Sawicki first came to us as a punter, but he’s one of the few kids that’s a combo kid. He can kick off, he punts, he can kick field goals and he holds as well. For us, he’s probably really been the first combo guy we have had since Bradley Pinion. He does all of those jobs and does them pretty well.”

Pearman on Amari Rodgers

“Right now he will be the first to go out there on punt return. You got to be a good decision maker and I see that in him. He has a good knack to catch the ball and the big object is to possess the ball no matter what you are doing out there and he does that.”



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