Rodgers more confident coming into year two

Rodgers more confident coming into year two


Rodgers more confident coming into year two


Sophomore wide receiver Amari Rodgers spoke with the media after the seventh day of fall camp. He touched on several topics including the ones below:

Rodgers on how he’s improved of the past year

“Last year coming in I was a new guy so I had to learn everything. This year now that I have the whole play book in my mind, I know what to do when I’m out there. I’m more confident and I can play faster and stuff like that. So I feel like I’m good on that part.”

Rodgers on what he’s told the newcomers

“Just come in and grind. You have to keep your head low and stay quiet. That’s what I did. I barely said a word when I first got here but I just grinded, you know went out and played ball and did my business in the classroom. They just have to stay low, get acclimated to what’s going on here and they’ll get used to it sooner or later.”

Rodger’s on his punt return mindset

“Get north. You have to catch it and get what you can get going that way. You can’t go side to side, you’re not going to get anything and that’s how turnovers happen too.”

Rodgers on advice he received from Ray-Ray McCloud

“Ray-Ray did a good job helping me out with the playbook when I first got here. When we got out on the field he helped me with techniques and stuff, how our defense plays…because you know we go against them every day. It’s kind of like a game every single day going against a great defense like we have. He just taught me different techniques, how to work different slates, different releases and stuff like that. Props to Ray-Ray for giving me tips like that and he had his first touchdown yesterday in a pre-season game so congrats to him on that too.”

Rodgers on his relationship with his dad

“He’s in camp right now. We’ve been trying to talk for the last three days but he’s three hours behind so it’s midnight here and he’s just now getting out of practice. We always say we’ll talk tomorrow but tomorrow comes and we miss each other again but whenever we talk we just talk about how camp is going. I show him my one-on-one videos and what I’m doing in practice. He gives me tips on what I can fix and stuff like that. I pick his brain and ask him what I can get better at too. It’s never a thing where I feel like I can’t ask him anything. Obviously, he’s still a dad and is going to give me the best information he can give me.”



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