Pollard: 'You’re going against the best defensive line in the country'

Pollard: 'You’re going against the best defensive line in the country'


Pollard: 'You’re going against the best defensive line in the country'


Clemson offensive lineman Sean Pollard spoke to the media Thursday afternoon following the Tigers’ morning scrimmage at Clemson Memorial Stadium in Clemson.

Pollard was asked about the quarterbacks, the offensive line and his transition to right guard.

Pollard on the quarterbacks

“I was blocking for (Kelly Bryant), I mean o-line, we know what they’re supposed to do, but we’re not going to question our quarterbacks. We’re not going to do that. They’re all really good players. Every single one of them could go out there and start for us right now and play. All I know is when we block for any of them, they’re all going to make completions because they’re all great quarterbacks. So as an O-line we take pride in keeping them clean so they can go out and show out.”

Pollard on the offensive line depth

“I thought we’ve been deep every year. In my opinion we’ve always had functional depth and this year Coach (Dabo) Swinney put it out today that we’ve had a lot of O-line play a lot of ball so it’s nice to have that and it’s a blessing to have that. I have to give Coach (Robbie) Caldwell the compliment because he cross trains everybody, he makes sure he has people ready to play. He can throw anybody in any place which is great.”

Pollard on his transition to guard

“I’ve enjoyed it. I mean really it was coach saying I was moving to guard and, ‘Yes Sir!’ I really didn’t ask questions. It was fun. Facing Christian Wilkins and Dexter (Lawrence) is a little bit different than facing Austin (Bryant) and Clelin (Ferrell). But it’s been fun, I’ve enjoyed it. I played guard in high school, but it’s been since my sophomore year so it was a little bit of a learning curve but it’s gotten a little bit easier since the spring.”

Pollard on facing the defensive line

“I mean you’re going against the best defensive line in the country. Obviously, yeah I’m not going to come out smiling like yeah, ‘I’m excited I get to go against that defense,’ but it’s also a blessing because we realize that Coach V is the best defensive coordinator in the country with the best defensive line and we’re going to see more stuff on our practice field than we’re going to see in games. It’s just going to prepare to be able to go into any game no matter who we’re playing… some days it sucks but overall it’s a good feeling to know you’re going against them every day and getting better.”

Pollard on footwork moving from tackle to guard

“Yes, but that’s kind of hard to say. Footwork is hard, it’s the most important thing but just how quick everything gets on you. At tackle you can kind of sit back and watch the plays out. At guard you don’t have time. You have to step and react. It’s all reactionary so if your footwork isn’t key you’re not going to pick up stuff. With tackle sometimes you can be a little different and kind of sit back a little more.



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