Fields confident they can get it done at corner

Fields confident they can get it done at corner


Fields confident they can get it done at corner

Clemson cornerback Mark Fields is confident the talent at the cornerback positions helps each player continue to grow as the Tigers get ready for the upcoming season.

The senior spoke with the media earlier this week about his fellow teammates, how they push each other and the competition between the corners and the wide receivers in practice each day.

Fields on how the cornerbacks push each other

“We are just competing and getting better. We are short at corner, so really every day is a grind to get ready for the season. What we are going through right now is getting us ready to have a real, real good season. We are going to put on a good show.”

Fields on how he is at his best

“I continue to work on the little things. I continue to work on fundamentals. I keep doing like I’ve done before.”

Fields on his commitment to the game

“My commitment has never been a problem. I realized that I had to give a little bit more to get better, so that’s what I’ve been doing.”

Fields on covering some of the best wide receivers

“It’s amazing work. We have so many talented receivers out here. All of them are different in what they do. We’ve got tall ones, shorts ones, ones that are quick and ones that go up and get it. All the challenges we get will make game day that much easier.”

Fields on the defense’s performance in the scrimmage

“We’ve just got to get better and keep working. We made some mistakes, but we had some good stuff. We will see all of that on the film.”



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