Clemson refreshed, recharged, refueled and recommitted

Clemson refreshed, recharged, refueled and recommitted


Clemson refreshed, recharged, refueled and recommitted


Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney spoke to the media Monday after practice at Jervey Meadows in Clemson.

This was the first practice after the Tigers took a rare weekend off in the middle of fall camp.

Swinney on the break this past weekend:

“I’ve always felt like less is more anyway, so this is something we tried to do back in May. We talked about starting later, going seventeen straight days and then taking Saturday and Sunday to kind of refresh, recharge, refuel, and to recommit. So that is kind of what we talked about and what everybody decided on, and I think it is great. I think everybody was ready to go this morning. There was good energy. This is always a tough practice, this Monday practice. But it was a good day.”

Swinney on an updated depth chart:

“We’re not going to release a depth chart today, but we are going to here pretty soon. We’re going to finish up on Wednesday as far as staff. Wednesday is a staff day and we’ll pretty much set up the depth chart on how we’re going to go into this game and we will probably put out a depth chart Monday.”

Swinney on the redshirting process:

“To be honest, we haven’t really changed anything as far as our thought process. I want to go through it as if it is exactly the way it has been in the past. ‘Who do we know is going to play? Who are those guys? Who do we know is going to redshirt, as if the rule had not changed? Is there anybody who is on the bubble?’ That is kind of how we go through it. ‘If they are going to play, why? If they are on the bubble, why? And what is our plan?’ We’ve always had a plan in the past for those guys. ‘These guys are definitely going to redshirt and here’s why…’ There is a reason for everything, so that part of it, we aren’t really changing anything. The only thing that will change is, whoever those guys that are going to redshirt, we know that at some point we can get them in a ball game…But as far as how we go about it, process wise, it hasn’t changed a bit.”

Swinney on Trevion Thompson and if he is back at practice

“Yes, in fact today he had a good practice. He was very sharp, very crisp today.”

Swinney on the benefit of their break

“That was another big benefit too, seventeen straight days of grinding and always on your feet, and banging and running, it’s just a lot going on. You know, mentally fatigued, the list was very small today. The only guy was Cam Scott, who wasn’t even in camp, and Will Brown who has been out since the second day with a pulled hamstring. That was it. I think there were only two guys on the list today. That was very good to see going into this last week. We are very fortunate and need to keep that up.”

Swinney on the kicking competition:

“Yes, Huegel has separated himself. He’s had a great camp. Alex has had a good camp and Potter is right there, doing a nice job. But Greg has separated himself right now.”


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