Bryant says he can’t be looking over his shoulder

Bryant says he can’t be looking over his shoulder


Bryant says he can’t be looking over his shoulder


Clemson quarterback Kelly Bryant spoke to the media after it was officially announced Monday he will be the second-ranked Tigers starter in Saturday’s season-opener against Furman at Death Valley.

Bryant on how Dabo Swinney told him the news

“Coach Swinney brought me in and told me I would be running out there first. That was good to hear. Being able to be the starter and run out there first with the guys, that is nothing new. I’m always going to prepare like I’m the starter, but now it is about performance.”

Bryant on if he was relieved to be the starting quarterback

“It is always good to hear from your coaches first hand. Like I said. I carry the same approach as if I am the starter and so now it is about performing each Saturday. Nothing is set in stone. This is just the first game so now I have to go out there and perform.”

Bryant on if this year is different than last year

“It is the same. I had to go prove myself right before camp. So now it is kind of the same thing.”

Bryant on having to prove himself again

“You have to do it every year. Last year’s stats and whatever do not carry over. That is all I have known all of my life so it is what it is.”

Bryant on his comfort level with Trevor Lawrence sitting behind him

“I just focus on me. Of course, he is going to play. I know he is going to be ready. He is ready and he has shown what he can do. We have seen it in practice. Now, I just have to make sure I’m doing my job and just being great where my feet are and not worry about anything outside of that.”

Bryant on if Lawrence being behind him will make him press or not

“I know he is going to play so I know I’m not going to try and press or try and let that alter my game. That is where things can go wrong. If I worry, ‘if I do this wrong,’ I know he is going to come in. I know he is a guy that is very talented, so you have to get him on the field. Me, I’m just going to play and be ready when he is in the game and be the biggest supporter out there. Just make sure that … this is the first time he is in a real-life game, so I know he is ready. I also have to make sure I play my game as well.”



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