Elliott explains why Bryant is the starting quarterback

Elliott explains why Bryant is the starting quarterback


Elliott explains why Bryant is the starting quarterback


Clemson co-offensive coordinator Tony Elliott meet with the media Monday to discuss the coaches’ decision to name Kelly Bryant the starting quarterback for Saturday’s season-opener against Furman.

Elliott on how they will use Trevor Lawrence on Saturday

“Coach Swinney is going to determine that.  Kelly will start the game and Trevor has earned the right to play.  It’s a delicate situation.  Coach Swinney will determine.”

Elliott on using multiple quarterbacks after Week 1

“The biggest thing is we have to get to the games and see how they perform in a game situation and then we are going to take it week to week. We can’t look ahead to Week 3 or Week 4. We have to focus on going 1-0 and beating Furman.”

Elliott on what keeps Bryant ahead of Lawrence on the depth chart

“I think for Kelly, his confidence, right now, is at an all-time high. He is managing all the situations the way you want him to manage it and then he has improved in the areas that we have asked him to improve, in terms of the throws that we have asked him to make down the field.

“Practice is a controlled environment so you really cannot see one of his greatest attributes which is his ability to run. So, right now, I will say it is overall game management, his confidence and his leadership is where he leads those guys.”

Elliott on if the quarterback competition was closer this year than last year

“This is a totally different situation in that Kelly last year wasn’t a proven guy,” Elliott said. “He hadn’t even been into a full starter situation, so there was a little bit more separation because he had been in the system longer than the guys that he was competing with.

“Now Trevor being here in the spring and now going through camp, obviously with his ability… So, I think the competition was definitely a little bit closer this year than it was last year because the dynamics are different. You’ve got a guy that’s experienced, knows the expectation, then you’ve got a very talented young guy with some experience from the spring pushing him.”



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