A Chip off the Old Rock

A Chip off the Old Rock


A Chip off the Old Rock

A short film about Clemson's iconic Howard's Rock and how it was almost stolen

On seven Saturdays each fall, Clemson, a tranquil South Carolina town in the northwest part of the state, becomes a college football metropolis.

Its heart is Howard’s Rock. Clemson football players rub it for good luck before running down the Hill and into Clemson Memorial Stadium.

The rock, named after Hall of Fame coach Frank Howard, was first placed on a pedestal at the top of the hill above the east end zone back in 1966. The Tigers began rubbing the rock for good luck prior to every game in 1967, with the exception of 1970-’72.

Filmmakers Manie Robinson and Colin Sylvester directed a wonderful short film about Howard’s Rock, what it means to Clemson and its passionate fan base and how it was almost stolen in 2013.

This is a must watch short film for all Clemson fans. Editors Note: TCI’s  own Will Vandervort and William Qualkinbush are featured in the film.



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