Choice gives insight to Lawrence's 'flashes of great potential'

Choice gives insight to Lawrence's 'flashes of great potential'


Choice gives insight to Lawrence's 'flashes of great potential'


When he enrolled at Clemson in the summer of 2014, running back Adam Choice admittedly did not know he was watching greatness right in front of him during summer practices and fall camp that year.

As he watched Deshaun Watson do what Deshaun Watson does, he had no idea that was not normal. At the time, Choice thought Watson was just like any other college quarterback because he had no one to compare him to.

“I did not understand all the crazy plays he was making. I did not understand that wasn’t normal,” Choice said on the “Out of Bounds” radio show on WCCP FM in Clemson on Tuesday. “I thought, coming from high school to college football, I thought those were plays normal college quarterbacks made.

“And then as we kind of progressed and got older and I started looking at Deshaun and thinking, that’s not normal. He’s a special talent.”

After watching Watson lead Clemson to back-to-back national championship games and ultimately winning a national championship in 2016, Choice has a better idea of what he is seeing these days. So, when he first started watching freshman Trevor Lawrence in practice this spring, he noticed the “flashes of great potential” in the Cartersville, Ga., native.

“The kid has a cannon for an arm,” Choice said.

Lawrence has been so impressive that linebacker Kendall Joseph, Choice’s roommate, comes back from practice and will ask Choice if he saw some of the plays and throws Lawrence was making in practice.

“‘Bro, please tell me you saw that throw that he made. That’s not normal. No other quarterback could have made that throw,’” Choice recalled from one of the conversations the two had about the freshman quarterback.

Choice did see it, and unlike four years ago when he was an inexperienced college football player and did not know what he was looking at, he knows what he is seeing now.

“I see it now and it’s more the fact that okay, he’s going to special,” Choice said about Lawrence. “He is special already, but once he figures it out and once he truly gets it like Deshaun did, there’s no stopping him. The sky is the limit.”



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