Swinney says Death Valley is the loudest stadium

Swinney says Death Valley is the loudest stadium


Swinney says Death Valley is the loudest stadium


Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney spoke with the media following Wednesday’s practice as the Tigers continued preparation for Saturday’s game at Texas A&M.

Swinney on loudest environment he’s experienced

“Right here at Death Valley. I’ve been a part of some loud ones. I’ve been on the road for a lot of loud ones also. I’ve been all over the place. I’ve been to College Station (Texas), it’s one of the loudest in the country. I’ve been to LSU, Tennessee, Auburn … I’ve been everywhere, but that’s just a part of it.”

Swinney on how he keeps his team ready on game day

“Well we have a routine and that doesn’t change. Whether you’re playing Furman at noon or game day at night. The only thing that changes is our game day routine you know we’ll have a noon routine, a 3:30 routine and a night-game routine. That’s a little different on gameday but everything else is exactly the same and I think that creates confidence and consistency in your performance.”

Swinney on success in stopping quick plays

“Well, first of all it’s great film study and preparation. Defensive football is formation recognition and strategic situations. It’s the formations, the alignments and the splits. It’s knowing your keys and having your eyes on those keys so that you can get tips and tendencies that you can pick up on throughout the week. It’s not just showing up on game day and doing it.”

Swinney on Amari Rodgers returning punts

“You get your confidence in practice and he’s practiced really well and he’s been very consistent. He’s been very, very consistent so we’ve got all the confidence in the world. We’ve got confidence in Renfrow too, he’d be our next guy and then DK (Derion Kendrick). DK’s got really good hands, but he’s a little scattered.”

Swimmney on Justyn Ross’ blocking ability

“It is rare to see a guy come in with that mindset. Very few receivers come in with the mindset of Deandre Hopkins, who like it. Ross I thought was awesome last week. You know he had his touchdown and that’s great but man his blocking. Big plays in the run game come from the second level blocking, that’s where it comes from. The reason Kelly went untouched is because Ross had two guys down on the ground.”



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