Etienne: 'A win is a win'

Etienne: 'A win is a win'


Etienne: 'A win is a win'


Running back Travis Etienne spoke to the media Monday morning as he looked back at the Texas A&M win, talked about Kelly Bryant and his own performance.

Etienne on being comfortable with both quarterbacks

“I think it depends on our preparation during the week. Our coaches put us in situations where whoever gets put in, whether it is Chase Brice, Ben Batson or Trevor…Coach (Tony Elliott) has us prepared to go in there and focus on our things and to help the quarterback out if he needs the help. But Coach definitely prepares us for that whether it is Trevor or Kelly (Bryant).”

Etienne on A&M defense

“They were a great defense. They came to play. The defensive line was very fast and physical. I feel like everyone was physical. They were just a really good, physical defense.”

Etienne on Kelly Bryant handling QB situation

“I feel like that is just Kelly being Kelly. He’s a leader and just makes the most out of his opportunities. He lead the team to a victory.”

Etienne on performance

“That just comes from preparation during the week. Just doing every play in practice and giving it hundred percent. I feel like that gives me the ability to go into each game and make the most out of my opportunities.”

Etienne on beating Texas A&M

“A win is a win. You only need one more point to win a game and I definitely feel like we were excited about the win. There were definitely things we can get better at and we know that. But, we just have to take that win in and celebrate it. Every win is a good win to me.”



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