Ferrell says there is fight on this year’s team

Ferrell says there is fight on this year’s team


Ferrell says there is fight on this year’s team


Clemson defensive end Clelin Ferrell spoke with the media Monday at the Poe Indoor Practice Facility in Clemson following the Tigers’ win over Texas A&M. The redshirt junior spoke about many things, including sophomore Justin Foster and freshman Xavier Thomas.

Ferrell on playing at Texas A&M

“It was good, definitely was a great experience to play in front of them and that many people. I still feel like Death Valley is better, but it definitely was a good experience. The traditions that they had, the chants they did all game, to the military tradition. Really fun to go out there and come out with a win.”

Ferrell on Justin Foster

“My boy! It’s been a long journey for that one. He came in so raw and so tentative to how he played. To see him go out there, it was the first play out there that he got the sack. To see that, that was huge for me as a big brother. To see him go out there and have success and get a fumble recovery, to get that sack. That was huge. I’m still mad he missed a tackle for loss, though.”

Ferrell on the lack of holding calls

“I’ve had experiences with holding last year, but it might be at a different level this year. Just because we feel that we are a better unit this year. We’ll see. There were definitely some calls that I wish we would’ve got, but hey hats off to them. They had good scheme to hold us back as a defensive line. Bunch of different protections, chipping, maxing it up, slide protection.”

Ferrell rags Xavier Thomas on pass interference call  

“He was supposed to have the back on the hot release, but because of the formation he wasn’t actually supposed to take the back. He didn’t really know that. It was a tough read on him. Just went in doubt, he took the back. Terrible coverage, though. The ref should have thrown the flag. It was clearly a PI. Just bad coverage by him. We coach better than that.”

Ferrell on the attitude the defense on the sideline

“It’s always positive energy on the sideline, regardless of how good or bad we are doing.  It’s always the next play mentality, not focusing on the past. Whether the defense is playing well, or the offense is playing well. That’s something that I really learned about our team, since it is still young in the season that we are fighters. That was really good to see.”



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