Davis says A&M game will help the defense going forward

Davis says A&M game will help the defense going forward


Davis says A&M game will help the defense going forward

Clemson linebacker J.D. Davis spoke to the media on the behalf of Clemson’s defense on Tuesday. The senior reflected on the Texas A&M game and recognizes how much work is to be done before the game on Saturday against Georgia Southern.

Davis on being captain for Georgia Southern game

“Definitely take it seriously. It’s a huge honor. I’ve worked four years for this football team, so being named captain means a lot to me. Yesterday Coach Swinney said there’s actually a way for us to run down the hill, so if we couldn’t honestly, I don’t know. I’ve only got a few of those left.”

Davis on being a key player

“It’s just like playing in the backyard again. It’s something that I’ve dreamed of doing. When you put all the work and time in, the work, the preparation. All you can do is have fun. You are not worrying about the results or anything else. It’s my senior year, all I’m looking forward to is having fun with every opportunity I get.”

Davis on his Texas A&M experience

“I thought it was incredible. Definitely a once in a lifetime being able to play there in that stadium, awesome fans, awesome venue. It was incredible, and I’d love to do it again.”

Davis on defense’s performance at Texas A&M

“I thought we played a real good first half. I thought we let it get away from us in the fourth quarter. We had a lot of mental errors, stuff that we can fix. Give Texas A&M the credit, though. They exposed us when we allowed them too. They also made some plays when we were playing good defense. Overall, there is a lot of stuff we can fix. That was the second game of the season, nothing to be too worried about as long as we get it corrected.”

Davis on the positives of the defense being exposed

“I’m that guy that when I mess up and get exposed and I get chewed out for it, I’m not likely to forget it. I think it will be the same with our secondary. We aren’t likely to forget this experience, the failures. Some of it was on the linebackers as well. I think we all as a defense won’t forget this experience. We’ll let it help us going forward.”



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