Swinney says Kelly Bryant will be able to play at Georgia Tech

Swinney says Kelly Bryant will be able to play at Georgia Tech


Swinney says Kelly Bryant will be able to play at Georgia Tech

Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney sees no reason why quarterback Kelly Bryant will not be able to play next Saturday when No. 2 Clemson travels to Atlanta to play Georgia Tech.

“I don’t see any reason why,” Swinney said during his Sunday teleconference call with the media.

Bryant missed the entire second half of the Tigers’ 38-7 victory over Georgia Southern on Saturday at Death Valley. The senior was diagnosed with a chest bruise after a second-quarter injury.

“They are calling it a chest bruise, but he got hit in the chest. It affected his breathing a little bit. That is what they were scared of,” Swinney said. “They were just very precautious with him. I thought he was good last night and was good today when they checked him out.

“So, I guess anything can happen, but he will be in practice tomorrow. So, barring anything crazy, I don’t see any reason why he can’t play.”

Bryant completed 7-of-10 passes for 68 yards against Georgia Southern, while also running for 27 yards on six carries before leaving after he fell on the football after taking a second quarter hit. He came back in the game later in the quarter, but he attempted only one pass—a 4-yard completion to Cornell Powell—the entire drive.

“He is doing well. He is much better,” Swinney said. “We will get him back out there tomorrow. We will probably put him back in green tomorrow. That is what Danny (Poole) said. That really does not change anything for him because we don’t hit our quarterbacks anyway.”

Swinney admitted he really does not know what a chest bruise means. He said that is just what the training staff and doctors told him.

“It is kind of like a chest bruise where he got hit,” the Clemson coach said. “He said he felt like his breathing was out of whack. It actually sped up so they did the EKG on him and that checked out. They went ahead and did a CT (scan) too just to make sure there was no air trapped somewhere or whatever.

“They were very precautionary with him and they did a good job. He is good and he played well.”



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