Homecoming shouldn’t be a distraction for Lawrence

Homecoming shouldn’t be a distraction for Lawrence


Homecoming shouldn’t be a distraction for Lawrence


Jeff Scott needs to look no further than Clemson’s road game at Texas A&M two weeks ago for an example of true freshman quarterback Trevor Lawrence’s uncanny ability to handle pressure and stay poised no matter the circumstance.

“That’s one thing we love about Trevor is he doesn’t ever seem to get rattled and the moment is not too big for him,” the Clemson co-offensive coordinator said. “You think about at Texas A&M, that was the largest crowd that we’d ever played in front of in the history of Clemson football, and he goes out there and his first pass is a touchdown.

“That’s just kind of who he is, so I wouldn’t expect anything less from him this week playing in Atlanta.”

Clemson’s game against Georgia Tech at Bobby Dodd Stadium in Atlanta on Saturday will be a homecoming of sorts for Lawrence, who grew up about 45 minutes north of there in his hometown of Cartersville, Ga.

Scott joked that Lawrence is probably spending the early part of this week trying to round up as many tickets as he can for the contest, and Lawrence confirmed he will indeed have a lot of people there to support him Saturday.

“There’s definitely a little bit of extra excitement,” Lawrence said of the game. “I’ve got some friends and a bunch of family coming, so it’s going to be really cool for them to get to see us play. So, it will be good.”

While Saturday’s game will carry added excitement for Lawrence, don’t expect the emotions of the homecoming to be a distraction for him or affect his play on the field. As he showed at Texas A&M, the former five-star recruit has a knack for remaining even-keeled regardless of the environment, situation or massive expectations that surround him.

Lawrence is simply not easily fazed, something he attributes to his faith, and said he listens to Christian music before games as he tries to lock in with the right mindset.

“Football’s important to me, obviously, but it’s not my life,” Lawrence said when asked about his demeanor. “It’s not the biggest thing in my life, I would say. My faith is. So, that just comes from knowing who I am outside of that. I just know, no matter how big the situation is, it’s not really going to define me.”

So far in his college career, Lawrence has completed nearly 62 percent of his passes for 424 yards and five touchdowns with only one interception, which was the product of a batted ball into the air vs. Georgia Southern this past Saturday.

Lawrence feels he is beginning to settle in and get more comfortable as he prepares to play Georgia Tech in his fourth career game and second on the road.

“They’ve done a good job of playing me in important situations up to this point,” Lawrence said of Clemson’s coaching staff. “So knowing that I’ve played and will be prepared — I’ve played in an away game, I’ve played in a home game, I’ve played against Texas A&M, a really good team — so, I just feel like I’m prepared.”



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