Scott feels good about the direction of the offense

Scott feels good about the direction of the offense


Scott feels good about the direction of the offense


Clemson racked up 595 yards, including 309 on the ground while running 77 plays in the Tigers’ victory over Georgia Southern last Saturday.

Co-offensive coordinator Jeff Scott speaks after the game about the success of his offense and what needs works going forward.

Scott on the positives

“The balance is always something that we talk about. I think we rushed for 309 and threw for 286. When we talk about being our best, we’re a balanced team. It was definitely a positive. I thought we were better on third down. I think we ended up 7 of 12. That was the big emphasis of the week. At times our tempo was better, really on some of those drives where we were running the ball. They were repeat of plays. Again, it’s the third week in a row with some good explosive plays. I believe we had 10 explosive plays.”

Scott on the negatives

“First time all year we’ve had turnovers. We were good through the first two games with no turnovers. Then we go down on the first drive, and had a good drive. It was just drive killers. We want to get 80 plays offensively. I think we ended up with maybe 77 and we had three turnovers. Each of those turnovers cost you a minimal of three plays right there. I think there were also some opportunities we had on a few of those drives where we kind of stumped our toe.”

Scott on the Kelly Bryant injury

“Everything I heard was very quick. Just a chest bruise. I’m sure Coach (Dabo) Swinney will talk a little bit more about it. As of right now we are told it’s just a chest bruise, and we are told he is going to be okay.”

Scott on Travis Etienne’s performance

“That was one thing we wanted him to do, really challenge. We want him to come out running the ball. We really want to challenge Travis (Etienne) and those backs. I felt like they responded. It was great to see what Travis (Etienne) can do when he gets the ball in his hands. He’s one of those guys who can score anytime that he gets it. I felt like he ran hard.”

Scott on Justyn Ross

“He’s one of those guys that just when he gets his opportunity, he makes the play. I believe that was his second catch that he’s had here. Two catches, two touchdowns…that’s pretty good odds. He had three catches for over 100 yards. He’s really coming into his own.”


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