Rodgers on Lawrence: ‘I’m happy for him’

Rodgers on Lawrence: ‘I’m happy for him’


Rodgers on Lawrence: ‘I’m happy for him’


Clemson wide receiver Amari Rodgers took some time to answer some questions from the media on Monday.

Rodgers seemed to be in high spirits as he talked about his teammates and as he previewed the matchup this weekend with Syracuse.

Rodgers on Lawrence being named the starter

“I’m happy for him. He’s been working his tail off since he got here. I am happy to see that it is paying off for him. He’s been doing really good for us, Kelly has too, they both have. We’re undefeated right now, so that’s credit to both of them.”

Rodgers on Lawrence’s rocket passes:

“At practice, he throws it like that all the time, so I am used to it by now, everybody is. It feels like that is the only ball Trevor knows how to throw. It’s just zoomin’. But you know, it works. That is how he is. It works for us so, you know, we’re just going to keep going.”

Rodgers on his punt returns

“Credit goes to my teammates, man, ‘cause in practice we have that bond. With my teammates on special teams and with the punt return teams we always link up and talk about what we’re going to get. We watch film together and it’s just creds because we’re mature and it is paying off on the field.”

Rodgers likes the idea of the Ross-and-Higgins package:

“That’s crazy, because in practice, when they made that package, we was like “Oh my God, that is going to kill defenses, we feel like. Justyn and Tee Higgins are both incredible players, both 6-5 and fast. I don’t see how, that is just incredible. I love them dudes, they work their tails off too. So, they’re not just big, they are ballers too and they work for it, so it pays off. That’s why it is going to be tough for defenses.”

Rodgers is not scared of Ross or Higgins:

“In high school, I was hoping to play Tee because we were right down the road from each other. I told Tee all the time when we play I was going to lock him up. But I feel like right now I can handle both of them. I feel like I’ve got skills to handle both of them.”

Rodgers on who he would like to mentor:

“In our team meeting last Thursday we had to write down a teammate that we want to mentor and I picked (Derion Kendrick) because I feel like he reminds me of myself, of how he came in and had a guy here who is starting and he had to back up and learn from. I just want to teach him everything that I can, like I learned from Ray-Ray, and I am learning still.”



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