McMichael steps up when Mullen goes down

McMichael steps up when Mullen goes down


McMichael steps up when Mullen goes down


Clemson Cornerback Kyler McMichael went in Saturday after starter Trayvon Mullen injured his ankle in the second half against Syracuse Saturday at Death Valley. The freshman spoke to the media after Clemson’s, 27-23, victory about stepping up and being the next man up.

The true freshman was credited with one tackle.

McMichael on being the next man up

“Yeah when I saw Treyvon (Mullen) go down, I knew it was my time to step up. I strap my helmet up, and I start walking over. I knew something was up. Whether he was going to be out for the rest of the game, or just that time period. I was ready.”

McMichael on defending against Syracuse

“I definitely had the help of Coach (Mike) Reed and Coach Brent (Venables). I definitely stayed on that side of the side line the whole game just to get their input and to get their guidance throughout the game. That was very helpful.”

McMichael on his confidence

“It’s nothing but hill from here. Me getting my play calls down, knowing my assignment, and knowing where to be. It’s definitely a confidence booster. That’s for sure.”

McMichael on a play he wants back

“Definitely that first play. I knew they were going to come for me right off the rip. The guy ran a comeback.”

McMichael on Trayvon Mullen’s guidance

“Every time I came off the field, he was right there in my ear. He was giving me tips on where to be, assignments, how to play the receiver. That was very helpful.”



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