Scott impressed with Brice’s moxie

Scott impressed with Brice’s moxie


Scott impressed with Brice’s moxie


Clemson Co-Offensive Coordinator Jeff Scott spoke to the media after the second-ranked Tigers win over Syracuse Saturday at Death Valley. The Clemson offense totaled 293 rushing yards and 176 passing yards in the 27-23 victory.

Scott on Chase Brice and the running game

“I felt like we just imposed our will. All those backs got in there and ran hard. It was a great response. Chase Brice…I mean what can you say about him. In a very difficult circumstance, not only to come in, but come in whenever we’re down and not really on our game. I will always remember, as long as Chase is here, 4th-and-6 with the game on the line. To be able to stay in there, that window was about three feet wide, and he just threaded the needle right there to Tee Higgins or we don’t win the game.”

Scott on what he has learned

“I think the biggest thing that we learned is our guys have a will to win. To have a special year, when you have adversity, you’ve got to respond. I felt like our guys did that. It’s been a tough week. It’s been an emotional week. To be able to win a game like that is going to help us.”

Scott on the adjustment after the half  

“I think the biggest thing, we were just not connecting with some of the passing game. Coach Swinney just said to Tony (Elliott) and myself, hey we’re going old school. We’re going to turn around and run it. We’re going old school, and we’re going to impose our will. That’s been a theme for us the last couple weeks, challenging the offensive line. This will be the third week in a row we’ve had over 200 yards rushing. We’ve had some really good teams around here, but I can’t remember a time where we’ve gone three games in a row against quality opponents rushing the ball like that.”

Scott on the lesson Chase Brice’s hard work

“That’s kind of uncommon these days. Chase is still a young guy. He’s been that guy who hasn’t really called up in the depth chart. These guys have been working hard and that’s what you tell a guy like Chase. He started fourth team and worked his way up to third team. Then this week he was second team, and he had to be ready. We told our offense earlier this week, hey we’ve got a lot more games to play. The chances that Trevor (Lawrence) gets hurt is probably going to happen, and everybody in the stadium is going to silent, but we can’t go silent offensively. We have enough talent and skill to go win, and that’s what happened.”

Scott on the 4-and-6 play

“Another key play that kind of gets hidden on that last drive is one of the zone reads. Where he (Chase Brice) saw the blitz was coming, and he pulled it. He came out the back door and really none of us expected him to pull that ball. But he’s the guy, I think the word we used to describe him is moxie. He just has that moxie to him and toughness.”



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