Tigers lose tight one to No.11 Boston College

Tigers lose tight one to No.11 Boston College


Tigers lose tight one to No.11 Boston College


The Clemson women’s soccer team lost in a close match Sunday as they fell, 2-1, to No.11 ranked Boston College.

Boston College’s Olivia Vaughn scored with about eight minutes to play for the eventual game-winner. At the 82:08 mark, after a deflection, the ball landed on the foot of Vaughn who buried the shot from 10 yards out.

“For some reason I feel that we lacked passion,” Clemson head coach Eddie Radwanski said. “I don’t think we brought it to the table today and we acted like it would be easy. We should have had a lot more quality with our play.

“With that being said you know we got the lead and then we just got sloppy in that final 20 minutes or so. Mentally we need to be a little better in those scenarios.”

The first half went scoreless as the Tigers (7-5) and Eagles both came out of the gates competing. Both teams were on possession, but it was Clemson who looked like the stronger team to start. As Clemson continued to push a result later followed.

At the 69:18 mark, Mackenzie Smith scored her first goal of the season. It came off of a high cross from Renee Guion, who found the head of Smith three yards from the net.

“Heading is just one the qualities and strengths the team has,” Radwanski said. “Every team has a strength and you try to play to that at times and that’s something we are good at. We could have used a bit more of that today.”

Boston College was not phased tough, as the Eagles quickly responded at the 72:17 mark. After a delivery near midfield, Vaughn split the middle of the field and scored on a low kick to the bottom left of the net that was just outside of the box, tying the game at 1-1.

Ten minutes later, Vaughn hit the game winner.

The Clemson women’s soccer team will next be seen Thursday, October 4th as they take on Florida State in an away match.



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