Swinney jokes Wilkins has ‘Renfrow envy’

Swinney jokes Wilkins has ‘Renfrow envy’


Swinney jokes Wilkins has ‘Renfrow envy’


With 1:24 to play in Clemson’s win over Wake Forest this past Saturday, Christian Wilkins was begging Dabo Swinney to put him in the game.

The All-American defensive tackle had jokingly said earlier in the week he was a little upset that wide receiver Hunter Renfrow was getting a shot to play backup quarterback and he wasn’t. So, when Renfrow entered the game to quarterback the Tigers’ last offensive drive, Wilkins was vividly begging Swinney on the Clemson sideline to put him in the game, too.

Swinney was about to give in to Wilkins’ plea before Lyn-J Dixon broke off his 52-yard touchdown run with 48 seconds left in the game.

“He wanted to go in and play running back and hand him the ball, and of course there was no way that was going to happen,” Swinney said during his Monday teleconference with the media. “We were negotiating on the sideline that maybe I would let him go line up at the slot tight end and run the ball away from him. But, that is when Lyn-J took off and ended that discussion pretty quick.

“It was a lot of fun.”

Swinney said it is fun to see guys like Wilkins and others so engaged in what is going on. However, he said jokingly, Wilkins “is just a very jealous guy of Renfrow.”

Renfrow of course caught two passes for 21 yards in the game. He had a 42-yard punt with no return and he officially was 1-for-1 in the stat book thanks to a 2-yard pop-pass to Swinney’s eldest son, Will Swinney on that final drive.

Dabo Swinney believes Wilkins has “Renfrow Envy” because he was the original “Slash” on the team and now Renfrow is having all the fun.

“With Renfrow’s ‘Slash’ ability, he has kind of stole some of Christian’s thunder,” Swinney said jokingly. “Since he has caught a touchdown pass and he played a little offense and he caught a pass on a fake punt a few years ago, he just wants to keep up with Renfrow.”



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