Tajh’s Take: Clemson is in its own world and we get to live in it

Tajh’s Take: Clemson is in its own world and we get to live in it


Tajh’s Take: Clemson is in its own world and we get to live in it


I personally love movies that portray society different than the one we currently live in. Alternate realities you could say is what I’m trying to get at, Utopian and Dystopian worlds.

Clemson’s universe would be filled with sunshine (literally), lavender fields, streets paved with platinum. Yeah, I said platinum! On weekends in Tigertown it rains ice cream with sprinkles and Coach Dabo Swinney throws pizza parties as often as he likes.

Six hours away in Tallahassee, Fla., it’s a dark place. It’s cold, really cold! It’s always wet and Willie Taggart has disfigured and disgruntled creatures chasing him with dull spearheads. He’s trapped in what he thinks is a dream but is in fact reality and the ghost of Deandre Francois haunts him for eternity.

Halloween is almost here, and I felt compelled to type something suitable for that occasion.

Alright! Here it is. The state of Clemson and Florida State’s football programs couldn’t be more different.

Clemson has been in ascension mode the past few weeks and looks to be playing ball at a higher level than anyone in college football. Most of the elitist pundits talk about the Atlantic Coast Conference as if it is the Mountain West Conference (no offense to them), acting as if there are no competitive teams at all.

I really believe that these teams aren’t as bad as Clemson is good. Maybe they are, but regardless every team that you play against will look pedestrian if you’re just that much better than them. Clemson is that and Alabama is that. These two teams sit at the top of the college football hierarchy and everybody else is just looking up trying to get a whiff of the air up there.

The Tigers are doing what they want, when they want, and aim to have fun getting their whole roster in on the action along the way.

I wasn’t surprised when the Seminoles defensive line stymied the Clemson ground game by stacking the box. They still have good players you know, but what teams and the country now know is that you absolutely cannot afford to allow Trevor Lawrence to get comfortable and in rhythm. If you do you are asking for it.

T-Law may very well be the most accurate intermediate range passer in college football. He looks like a dealer at a blackjack table evenly distributing the rock to his guys. You give him an inch or a few and that’s all he really needs.

Amari Rodgers cemented his role as one of the top play creators on a roster full of so many stars. That’s what is so wild when you look at Clemson’s depth chart. Tony Elliot and Jeff Scott almost seemingly feature a new player each week into the lead role of their live action film.

The defense I believe took offense to the comments Taggart made by comparing the two teams’ front four units. They repeatedly harassed the quarterbacks and put FSU behind a decade in recruiting.

This Defensive line is as explosive as you’ll see anywhere on any level and defensive end Xavier Thomas is getting himself engrained into the fabric of this team more and more each week. He is adding another element to this already scary group.

Game planning early in the week is hard enough as it is. When Clemson rotates players like Oregon does uniforms it becomes an almost impossible task. Louisville is the next victim in this story line and we can all predict what the outcome will be.

It doesn’t bode well for the Cardinals and if they’re not careful they may end up hosting open tryouts on their campus the following week.

Stay Dangerous, Clemson!



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