Clemson’s offense starting to click at right time

Clemson’s offense starting to click at right time


Clemson’s offense starting to click at right time


In the month of October, Clemson’s offense started to find its rhythm.

The Tigers led the nation in scoring offense nationally this month, averaging 54.3 points in its three wins over Wake Forest, NC State and Florida State.

Second-ranked Clemson (8-0, 5-0 ACC) was also fourth nationally in total yards with a 564.3 yards per game average. One of the most balanced teams in the country, the Tigers averaged 227.3 yards a game on the ground (24th) and 285.6 through the air (22nd).

Overall, with co-offensive coordinator Tony Elliott calling the plays, Clemson now ranks sixth nationally through eight games in scoring offense (44.1), eighth in total offense (522.6), 14th in rushing (237.0) and 22nd in passing (285.6).

Elliott on how the offense has improved so it can run plays for Christian Wilkins and Garrett Williams

“You know, I think every week when you start you have great ambition. Obviously, through the course of the game, it is going to dictate it. We knew in order to do some of that stuff we had to be really, really fundamentally sound. We had to protect the ball and protect the quarterback and create those situations for it to happen. It looks like from a communication standpoint and a confidence standpoint that things are starting to click for us on offense.”

Elliott on Clemson’s family environment

“It starts with Coach (Dabo) Swinney and the vision he has for the program. One of the bullet points is to make sure these guys have a great experience. First it starts with Coach Swinney creating an environment where the coaches enjoy coming to work every single day and we can show (the players) what it looks like to be a father, to be a husband and that just gives us the drive and the passion to take advantage of every single day.”

Elliott on what makes Trevor Lawrence excel in the offense

“I think we are becoming more comfortable as a staff with where he is and what he is comfortable with. He is communicating with us to let us know the things that he likes and the things that he does not like. He is getting a ton of reps. He is getting the game reps, so he is just becoming more and more comfortable. We all know, and I say this all the time, how talented he is, but now he is becoming more confident and more comfortable and you are seeing his talent just come to the surface.”

Elliott on when they started to see Trevor Lawrence’s confidence and talent shine through

“You could see it a lot like with Deshaun (Watson) and how he handled his recruiting process. You see the maturity of the young man. You see the family support that he has. He is unbelievably humble. He is unbelievably grounded. His confidence in his work, which is a lot like Deshaun’s, you knew he had all the makings and it was just a matter of time for that light to come on and for him to get his opportunity. Now, he is taking advantage of it and is making the most of it. He does not get phased by the stage. He does not get phased by the hype. He just focuses on being the best version of himself and that’s why he is successful.”

Elliott on coaching a player like Trevor Lawrence who has a high level of maturity

“You know, I think it depends on the individual. I think that Trevor comes from a great high school program. Coach King and those guys do an unbelievable job. So, he had that preparation coming in the door. Now that he is in the position that he is in, then he is becoming more comfortable and that communication that is taking place a lot with him and Coach (Brandon) Streeter. Now, he has become more comfortable with talking to me as well. I try not to get in his ear. Obviously, I let Coach Streeter do most of the talking. Like I told Deshaun, ‘You talk to me through Coach Streeter.’ Obviously, that is a critical position and, obviously, you need to have minimal voices in his ear. Now he has just become more comfortable and will come up to me through the course of practice, especially on some protection things.”


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