Offense got going and never looked back

Offense got going and never looked back


Offense got going and never looked back


Co-offensive coordinator was again pleased with his offense in No. 2 Clemson’s 77-16 victory over Louisville on Saturday. Travis Etienne got the scoring started right out of the gate and the offense never looked back after that.

Elliott on the running backs

“We wanted to challenge the offensive line, the tight ends and the backs the last couple of weeks so we had to throw the ball in previous weeks to win the game but we were trying to establish the run and obviously when you look at (Louisville) statistically they’re much better against the pass. We really challenged our guys, they had a great week of preparation and the first play of the game Travis (Etienne) was able to get loose and that really set the tempo for the rest of the game.”

Elliott on Etienne’s patience

“Obviously the first run was designed for him to try and have some flexibility, get to the outside… but the second run he scored the touchdown showed a lot of patience.”

Elliott on having so many players involved

“First of all the guys have to take care of business and put themselves into the position where you can call those plays. Coming right out of the gate with five plays and 14 points, we really challenged our guys to let that become a part of our identity.”

Elliott on play-calling

“I wouldn’t say it’s fun because it’s still stressful. Obviously you’re always sitting up there saying, ‘Alright what’s his adjustment going to be? What is he going to do differently?’ So you always have to stay on your P’s and Q’s.”

Elliott on Mitch Hyatt

“I was fortunate enough to recruit Mitch and he’s probably one of the easier five-star guys you’re going to recruit in the process. You didn’t have to call him, you didn’t have to check on him. He said, ‘Coach, I’m coming.’ And that was it… He’s a model of consistency.”


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