Is ESPN’s Galloway concerned about Clemson?

Is ESPN’s Galloway concerned about Clemson?


Is ESPN’s Galloway concerned about Clemson?


On ESPN’s College Football Live on Tuesday, show host Jen Lada asked analyst Joey Galloway if he is concerned about who Clemson has played on its schedule heading into the final stretch of the season?

Said Galloway: “I don’t really know that… When you say concerned… I thought Texas A&M was a good ball club. I thought NC State was a good ball club. Syracuse took them down to the end even though Trevor Lawrence had got hurt in that game, and it sort of changed the attitude of the Clemson offense and they started running the ball. So, I don’t really understand, like what else would you be? They’ve played the teams on their schedule, they’ve had some close games. A&M was a tough game, they found a way to win. There’s not an Alabama on their schedule, but what do you want them to do?”

Analyst David Pollack responded, asking, “Can I get to a better question? Do you believe in Clemson?”

Galloway answered, saying, “Absolutely. I’ve had Clemson ranked No. 2 since the beginning of the season. So, how much more can you believe in them?”

Pollack then asked, “So, you’re not doubting Clemson at all? You’ve got full faith in Clemson? They’re tested, they’re ready to roll, they’re ready for the playoffs?”

Said Galloway: “And we’re talking about a ball club — besides Trevor Lawrence — these guys have been there for a few years now. And so the attitude in Clemson, having played in this game and been to the playoffs the past few years, they’re used to it — a coaching staff that knows how to navigate it. So, outside of a freshman quarterback, with those guys who have been there, they believe that he’s the best guy to get them back even though they had a guy that took them there last year… I’m not worried about Clemson at all.”


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