Renfrow humbled to be Bulsworth Trophy semifinalist

Renfrow humbled to be Bulsworth Trophy semifinalist


Renfrow humbled to be Bulsworth Trophy semifinalist


Clemson wide receiver Hunter Renfrow was named semifinalist Tuesday for the Burlsworth Trophy.

The award goes to a player who starts as walk-ons and who becomes a top player in college football. Renfrow is honored to be selected, but he is more focused on how the season is at the championship phase.

The Tigers next matchup is against Boston College in Chestnut Hill, Mass., at Alumni Stadium. Kickoff is set 8 p.m.

Renfrow on championship phase

“I was thinking about the other day. We win the division, win the state, and win the ACC in the next four weeks. It’s some to that championship time, orange pants time season where stakes get a little higher. We have a chance to do something special.”

Renfrow on being named a Burlsworth finalist

“It’s an incredible honor. I actually just found out about it 30 minutes ago when I was reading up on it. It’s a cool foundation. Does a lot for children that are in need. It’s cool just to be mentioned. Baker Mayfield is a walk-on last year and won the Heisman. There’s a lot of good players in college football that started as a walk-on. It’s just special. It’s something that I’ve always taken with me. Coming to practice every day just knowing that I’m a walk-on, so to be able to be recognized as one the finalist for that award is pretty special.”

Renfrow on what it takes to be a walk-on

“Clemson is a special place, but anywhere you go it’s all about the little things. It’s all about having fun in the moment, having fun playing the game, and to take that mentality of being a walk-on every day. That’s something I can take with me the rest of my life. I came in undervalued and nobody knew who I was. Whatever it may be, just being able to take that and have that chip on your shoulder.”

Renfrow on the history of wearing No. 13

“For me it was just a belonging on the team I guess. I was talking to Tim Bourret earlier about the history of No. 13 and the first time I ever got that number. It was sitting in my locker before a mate drill, and I just felt the pride and the sense of belonging on the team. For me that’s what it’s always been, just being a good teammate. I wanted to get a scholarship, but it’s really just to have fun. You only get one life, you only get one chance in college.”

Renfrow on his relationship with the Swinney family

“You think it would be a different version, but that’s why everyone loves Coach Swinney. He’s the same person a lot of the time. He’s harder on Will (Swinney) at home than he probably is on the field. He cares about molding them. Me and Will talk about that yesterday. We watched his interview last night and kind of laughing at him, but he is who he is. That’s been the biggest thing to me is coach Swinney and the whole Swinney family is not different here than they are at home and that’s why they’re successful. They’re just genuine people.”


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