Swinney’s first touchdown was special moment for father, son

Swinney’s first touchdown was special moment for father, son


Swinney’s first touchdown was special moment for father, son


Clemson scored 11 touchdowns in its record-setting victory over Louisville this past Saturday at Death Valley, and one of those touchdowns was an 8-yard pop-pass from Chase Brice to Will Swinney.

It was a big moment for Swinney and his father, Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney. Will Swinney scored his first career touchdown as a Tiger and of course it made his dad very proud. The two shared a brief moment together on the field following his touchdown.

Swinney’s touchdown came with 8:52 to play in the game, it was the last score of the day for either team.

Will Swinney on what it was like to celebrate his touchdown with his dad

“It is pretty cool. He is like, ‘If I was in this offense, I would have scored tons of touchdowns.’ I don’t know (laughing). Who knows. It was definitely a special moment and to be able to share that with him was pretty cool.”

Swinney on what it is like playing as the head coach’s son

“I think growing up as a coach’s son, you have to show more of who you are because you never know what perceived notion someone has. Then again, I’m always just focused on…my parents always told me to be my best and work my hardest and that is always what I have been focused on. I’m always going to work really hard no matter what.”

Swinney on the challenges of being Dabo’s son and being on the team

“There definitely can be come challenges, but I feel like I have worked through most of that. The guys on the team are great. Everyone knows me and who I am. At the end of the day, I always feel like another player. The coaches treat me like another player. I am sure being his son has definitely added attention and all of that, but I just take it in stride and focus on being my best. I focus on what I can control and not other things.”

Swinney on his touchdown being taken away at Florida State

“At Florida State, I knew I had the guy beat and Chase (Brice) made a good read. He was looking at (Justyn) Ross’ side first, but the corner bailed, and he threw it deep. So, I waited on it a little bit and the guy was holding my arm, but I caught it with my one hand and came down with it and it switched from my left hand when I came down with it. I think Bart Boatwright (The Greenville News) took a good photo of it. The guy was holding my one hand and I had it (up against my chest). The (ref) already singled touchdown and when I came down he got both of my hands because mine was still down here so I could not put it away and he took it, but I still think I came down with the ball, had it possessed and everything and it definitely was not an interception because he got it when we were out of bounds. It could have gone either way, I guess. But personally, I think I did (catch it.).”

Swinney on how he fumbled the snap on the fake field goal vs. NC State

“After the NC State game, I was happy we won, but I was super disappointed in that because I felt super ready for it and stuff, but it was a simple mistake of taking the catch for granted. I felt ready for it and everything, but it’s easy because that hole was huge, and I was kind of looking at that. It kind of went a little lower but I didn’t get it. I have to stay down and catch that. So, I took responsibility for that. I was upset in the moment, but I said I just have to move on. My dad actually helped me a lot with that. He told me to not focus on what could have been but focus on what still can be. That really helped me a lot.”



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