Packman throws some shade at Dabo Swinney

Packman throws some shade at Dabo Swinney


Packman throws some shade at Dabo Swinney


Dabo Swinney was on Mark Packer’s radio show on ESPNU Radio Thursday afternoon, and Packman gave the Clemson head coach a hard time because he had just five write-in votes in Greenville County for the state of South Carolina’s Governorship race on Tuesday.

“Given the success you have had here lately, if you can only come up with five write-in votes in your backyard of Greenville County, I have to be honest with you, that is weak,” Packer said. “That is really, really weak.”

Swinney was quick to reply.

“That is five more than you got Pack,” he said, laughing.

“I will tell you what is scary is that Hunter Renfrow received only one, so you got him by four,” Packer said. “If you get any lip from him, you just say, ‘Listen son! Here is how this works in this governor’s race in the Upstate. I got you by four votes.’ Use that and let it rip.”

“That is the first time I heard that. I love that. It is nice to know that I was in the mix,” Swinney said.



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