Military Appreciation Day means a lot to Williams

Military Appreciation Day means a lot to Williams


Military Appreciation Day means a lot to Williams


For Clemson tight end Garret Williams, Military Appreciation Day is more than just something to celebrate.

The junior is considering leaving Clemson’s football program after the season to join the military. He told the media on Tuesday he would love the opportunity to join the Marine Corp.

Clemson will take on Duke in Death Valley at 7 p.m. this Saturday and will be showing their support to those who serve by wearing their purple uniforms.

Williams on what Military Appreciation Day means to him

“For me it a huge honor to even play in the game. I think that Clemson does it so well. I’ve never got to see all the ceremonies that they do because I’m in the locker room, but my parents tell me that it’s just so well done. It’s just such an honor to play in the game. I have such an admiration for people who serve in any branch. To make such sacrifice, if we can honor them for one game, it’s the least we can do.”

Williams on possibly joining the military

“It’s something that I have thought about for a while. I came in here, and I didn’t redshirt originally. I played my first two years and tore my ACL. I was trying to come back and play the next year and just couldn’t. I wasn’t ready. Thankfully, I got to sit out that year and get it right, so in a sense I’ve always felt like a senior. I’m thankful for the opportunity to potentially play another year.”

Williams on what he wants to do in the military

“I’ve kind of gone back and forth on that too. My grandpas both served. One was in the Navy and one was in the Marine Corp. I’ve been able to meet a number of Marine Corp through Clemson football and through my dad, who has friends in there. At this time, I want to be in the Marine Corp. I go back and forth, but if I could be an infantry officer in the Marine Corp that it would be a cool opportunity. It would be an honor to serve.”

Williams on Clemson’s military history  

“I love the history of this school from back when it was a military school and to hear their stories. It’s so neat. I think one senior class, the whole entire class went into World War II. How cool is that? That’s just amazing to be a part of a school where a whole entire class went to serve. I can’t fathom that.”


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