Spector ‘loved everything’ about official visit to Clemson

Spector ‘loved everything’ about official visit to Clemson


Spector ‘loved everything’ about official visit to Clemson


The Clemson football program played host to a big group of its commitments and a couple of uncommitted prospects for official visits this past weekend.

Among the committed recruits that made their official visit was Brannon Spector. The Calhoun (Ga.) wide receiver and younger brother of Clemson redshirt freshman linebacker Baylon Spector has been on the Tigers’ commitment list since October 2017.

The Clemson Insider caught up with Brannon about his official visit experience.

TCI: How did you enjoy the official visit?

Spector: “I loved everything about it. It was just fun catching up with all the coaches and actually getting to really sit down and talk with them and getting to know them a lot more.”

TCI: Which family members came with you and how did they enjoy it?

Spector: “My dad, mom, stepdad, my two stepbrothers and my aunt and uncle came with me. They had an awesome time.”

TCI: What did you hear from Coach Swinney during the visit?

Spector: “Coach Swinney just said I’m going to be great here at Clemson. He said, ‘We’re so happy we’re going to have you a part of this team,’ and said I’m just going to do great at Clemson. He said, ‘You’re going to be the next No. 13 here and you’re going to definitely fill these shoes.’”

TCI: Who was your player host for the visit?

Spector: “My player host was Baylon. That was fun, just getting to spend some time with my brother. I don’t get to do that a lot.”

TCI: How is Baylon liking Clemson; what have you heard from him about his Clemson experience so far?

Spector: “Baylon’s loving it. It’s just a grind. Everyone’s working just to get out on the field. He’s doing great. He’s on the kickoff team and he made a few tackles this past game. So, he says he loves it.”

TCI: How did the uncommitted players that were there for their official visit enjoy it, from what you could tell?

Spector: “I talked to Quavaris (Crouch) a little, and he seemed like he was having a great time. He seems like a great guy.”

TCI: Do you feel like the 2019 class grew closer as a group during the official visit weekend?

Spector: “For sure. Going in, I was only talking to about two or three of them and as time went on over the weekend, I was talking to all of them. So, for sure got closer this weekend.”

TCI: What was the highlight of the visit for you?

Spector: “Probably the main highlight to me was just the game and watching them run down the hill. It’s just awesome. I can’t wait to do that.”


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