Higgins: 'We had our defense's back'

Higgins: 'We had our defense's back'


Higgins: 'We had our defense's back'


Clemson Wide Receiver Tee Higgins didn’t have much to say after he and the second-ranked Tigers beat South Carolina 56-35 Saturday at Death Valley.

Higgins did most of his talking on the field. The sophomore had six catches for 142 yards and one touchdown as the Clemson offense rolled up 744 yards.

Higgins on the competitive nature of the rivalry game

“We just told ourselves that we have to go out there and compete. Offense struggled last week. The receivers dropped nine passes, so our mentality was to go out there and catch everything.”

Higgins on the offensive shootout

“It was shocking. Our defense didn’t play like I thought they were going to play. Offense kept it going. We had our defense’s back.”

Higgins on fun the game was

“Oh yeah! It was a lot of fun playing a game against South Carolina. There’s no better rivalry then Clemson and South Carolina. It was just great playing in the game.”

Higgins on the 90-yard plus yard drives

“We’re just clicking right now, and we’re clicking at the right time. We’ve just got to keep it rolling.”

Higgins on Adam Choice having a big game as a senior. Choice scored three touchdowns in his last game at Death Valley

“It was great for him. I’m happy for him. He had three touchdowns…hat trick. That’s hard to do, and he did it. That’s good for him.”


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