Scott enjoys playing South Carolina's defense

Scott enjoys playing South Carolina's defense


Scott enjoys playing South Carolina's defense


Saturday night Clemson beat South Carolina for the fifth consecutive year thanks to a 56-35 victory at Death Valley.

For Clemson co-offensive coordinator Jeff Scott it was a fun one. He told the media afterward he enjoyed playing the Gamecocks’ defense.

“It was kinda of fun to stay in a game where you can run it and throw it for four quarters,” he said.

Scott was especially proud of wide receiver Hunter Renfrow, whose last reception at Death Valley was the same play they used for the winning touchdown to clinch the 2016 National Championship.  

Scott on being able to let the defense lean on the offense

“The defense, there is no doubt that they helped us out plenty of times. We knew there was going to be opportunities where they were going to lean on us a little bit. What I was proud of, is how the guys responded. I think it’s the third time all year where we went in at halftime and were in a tight game and our guys have responded all three times. Being able to go out and get the ball back and go down and score. I’m really proud of that.”

Scott of the offensive shootout

“I didn’t expect it. You have to give them credit. They did a good job over there throwing the ball. They just gave us opportunities to go out and respond. That’s all we can worry about offensively. All we can worry about is if they score, let’s go respond. There was never any guys out there pressing or anything like that. I know the defensive staff is not going to be happy about it, but offensively it was kind of fun to stay in a game where you can run it and throw it for four quarters. If we’re up by a lot, then you just kind of slow down your rhythm. It was fun for our offensive guys to go out for four quarters and finish all the way at the end.”

Scott on the three 90-yard scoring drives

“I think we’ve had two or three of those this year, but to have three of those in one game…I haven’t seen that. I give a lot of that credit to the offensive line. To be able to consistently move the ball that distance. It’s kind of becoming a thing. I told the offense in the huddle, this is who we are. We liked it backed up where we can go 90 something yards. We’ve done that several times this year and our guys have taken a lot of pride in that. It’s fun for them to be able to go out and execute time and time again.”

Scott on Hunter Renfrow’s finish  

“I”m very happy for him. That was one nice thing being able to come back and finish the right way. We’ve had a lot of talented wide receivers, but Hunter is a special young man. That catch he made going down there is one I’ll remember for a long time. It’s just who he is. On third down, he’s the guy you can count on. He’s just a special talent. He may be 5’10, but he plays like he’s 6’4. He’s going to have a special career after Clemson. I’m just glad we have him for a couple more games.”

Scott on winning in different ways

“I think for us, we talked about all the time championship teams play their best ball at the end of the year. Even though we’ve done a lot of good things offensively, we’ve felt like there’s another level we can go to. That was really the challenge tonight. Just really focusing in on finishing the regular season. This is the last regular season game. How are we going to finish that? There’s no doubt we definitely increased and continued the confidence we have as we move forward.”



Clemson struggled to flip the field via the punt last season but had the talent on defense to carry an extra load with a short field. This season, a younger Tiger defense may need some help from the punters. (…)

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