The joke's on you Gamecock fans

The joke's on you Gamecock fans


The joke's on you Gamecock fans


Clemson’s visit to the White House was no laughing matter but a memory they will cherish forever

I’m not one to get into politics and I will not on this occasion, either. Why? Because Clemson’s visit to the White House on Monday and what they had for dinner has nothing to do with politics.

There are people out there that want to make it more than it is.

So what, the President fed the Clemson football team some hamburgers from McDonalds and Burger King. Who cares? You know what he also did. He let the entire team tour the Oval Office. That’s pretty cool!

For those democrats out there making fun of the President. When was the last time you saw the Oval Office? For those rival fans—in particular the South Carolina fans that were making fun of Clemson—what was your team doing last night at dinner?

I know what they were not doing. I know they were not eating hamburgers with the President of the United States in the White House dining room.

Personally, I think it was pretty cool what President Trump did. He could not cook a whole meal for the team because his White House staff was short staff due to the government shutdown. So, he called an audible and ordered fast food.

Who cares?

They are 18- to 22-year old men. Guess what? They love fast food, especially college kids.

Remember when you were in college? I doubt you had filet mignon or even wanted it.

Also, these guys have to eat healthy all year, especially when they are training. I bet they loved the fact they got to eat a few hamburgers.

Also, 20 years from now, when these guys are telling their children about their trip to the White House after they won another national championship, they will remember everything about the trip because of their meal.

How many people get to say they had dinner with the President of the United States and then concluded the story by saying, “we had Big Macs?” What an awesome story that will be.

The experience was a great one for the Clemson football team. They were honored by the President of the United States for winning the national championship. Not everyone gets to do that. It is an honor.

They got to see the White House and tour other great buildings and facilities in Washington, D.C. The President does not have to invite the college football national champions, and there is no rule saying he has to feed them dinner, either.

For a lot of these players, coaches and staff personnel, Monday was a big deal. It might be the only opportunity a lot of them get to see the White House. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity for a lot of them.

Also, let’s keep in mind. All the democrats did by complaining about Clemson’s meal, and all the Gamecock fans did by making fun of the Tigers, is draw attention to Clemson.

What a great thing it was for Clemson. Late night talk show hosts were making jokes about the Tigers’ trip. It had to be the most talked about team visit to the White House in the history of the tradition.

And you know what, that’s good for Clemson. Now everyone, those who don’t even like football, know who the Clemson Tigers are.

So, I guess the joke is on you Gamecock fans. Because no one is talking about your football team today, and they haven’t in quite some time.



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