Clemson softball is a step closer to reality

Clemson softball is a step closer to reality


Clemson softball is a step closer to reality


GREENVILLE, S.C. — Clemson softball coach John Rittman said “it is really super exciting” to see the new softball stadium coming together in Clemson.

Rittman was in Greenville Monday night as IPTAY continued its Prowl & Growl Tour at Fluor Field. Clemson’s newest coach updated the media prior to the event on the progress of the new stadium, the challenge of starting a new program, the current players on campus and when the rest of the team will join their teammates on campus.

Clemson softball will play its first game in the spring of 2020.

“To see the foundation (of the stadium) go up and now see the walls going up and some of the structure taking place, it is definitely motivating for our players, but as a coach, you are kind of getting a sense that ‘okay, this is becoming real now,’” Rittman said. “Seeing the progress every day and like I said, it is just super exciting and very blessed to see it all transpire in front of our eyes.”

Watch Rittman’s interview with the media on TCITV.



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