A trip like no other

A trip like no other


A trip like no other


Swinney and his two oldest sons saw six games in six days this past week

SARASOTA, Fla. — Dabo Swinney and his two oldest sons had a blast traveling across the country and watching major sporting events.

In all, they took in three NBA Playoff games and three Major League Baseball games. They got to meet singer and rapper Drake. They got to meet Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers and longtime Milwaukee Brewers play-by-play guy Bob Uecker.

And as fun as all of that was, Swinney’s favorite part came in the Brewers’ game on Wednesday. No one knew it, but Will and Drew dressed up as sausages for the Brewers’ Sausage Race.

“That might be the highlight of the trip,” Swinney said. “I got to throw out the first pitch. I got to meet Bob Uecker. I got to be a part of their broadcast. I got to meet all the coaches. I got to go to the Cardinals and meet (St. Louis manager Mike Shildt) and hang out with their team. I got go hang out with Joe Maddon and be with all those guys and it was a blast.

“The NBA was great. But to see Will and Drew when the guy came over and says, ‘Hey! Y’all want to do the sausage race?’ That was amazing. Poor drew had on dress shoes and Will, fortunately, wore tennis shoes, but they left the rest of the contestants. They had two college athletes. I don’t think they knew what they had.”

This isn’t the first time Swinney and his boys have traveled the country to watch live sporting events. He went with Will the last two years and this year Drew got to come along. Clay, his youngest who is in high school, was unable to attend due to school obligations.

Clemson University ended classes last week.

“It has been a blast. We went to three NBA games this week. Three Major League Baseball games. We won all of them by the way. We went 6-0,” Swinney said. “It has been a fun week. What do you do with a nineteen and a twenty-year old? We go to sporting events. We eat a lot, we work out, we play hoops. We have too many in one hotel room, but we have a lot of fun. This is something I look forward to every year, just having that time.

“We can’t really slip in anywhere anymore, but I am not going to let that stop me from enjoying that precious time with my kids.”

And of it all, the sausage race in Milwaukee is something he will never forget.

“That is what our trip is about. It is about making memories with each other and really just spending time,” Swinney said.


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