Son of Hall of Famer set for Clemson visit

Son of Hall of Famer set for Clemson visit


Son of Hall of Famer set for Clemson visit


Clemson has a chance to grab a 2021 wide receiver that flashes a similar skillset and ability as his NFL Hall of Fame father. 

Marvin Harrison Jr. — son of former longtime Indianapolis Colts receiver Marvin Harrison — is a 6-foot-4 ,185-pound star at Philadelphia (Pa.) St. Joseph’s Prep School, where he looks every part of one of the top receivers in next year’s class. 

Jeff Scott visited him this past month, and the two arranged a visit for this summer.

“He’s a really cool person,” Harrison Jr. said of Scott, “and I can’t wait to meet the other coaches down at Clemson.”

Harrison Jr. confirmed that he is visiting Clemson from June 12-16.

Given that this will be his first visit to campus, he has a list of things he wants to see while in Death Valley. He is also hoping to leave campus with an offer from the Tigers.

“Well first like I’m looking forward to getting the offer,” he said. “Then, I can’t wait to see the campus and the facilities. I’ve heard a lot of great things about it and just want to witness for myself.”

Harrison Jr. also told The Clemson Insider that he hopes to strengthen his relationship with Scott and the rest of the staff.

“Hopefully I have time to talk to coach Scott and the other coaches about how their program operates, and just try to learn as much as I can,” he said.

While he doesn’t have an offer yet — which isn’t unusual for the Tigers considering Harrison Jr. is only going into his junior year — he said that Clemson will get heavy consideration if an offer comes forth soon.

“I definitely see them being a college that has a great shot at getting me. If offered, Clemson should expect multiple visits and an official visit from me,” he said.

Ohio State, LSU, Texas A&M and Florida are just a few of the top schools pushing to gain a commitment from Harrison Jr. right now. Even with most of those schools offering him already, the Tigers should expect to be among his top schools since they have been on his radar since he was a kid.

“Since middle school I’ve been watching Clemson football,” he said. “Having an opportunity to play for such a great program, to be coached by those coaches, play with great players and have the opportunity to carry on that great wide receiver legacy would really mean a lot to me.”

Not only does Clemson’s offensive scheme fit Harrison Jr.’s talents, but the “Wide Receiver University” stamp is just another highly appealing option for the wideout.

“Some colleges, the receivers route tree is limited because of the offense, but Clemson allows their receivers to run the full route tree,” he said. “I would be honored to continue the great legacy of the great wide receivers that gave Clemson the name of WRU.”

Harrison Jr. also plans on visiting Texas A&M, Florida and LSU this summer.

His high football IQ combined with his physical skills, championship pedigree and skillset means that Clemson fans should expect to see Harrison Jr.’s name featured prominently in the future. Don’t be surprised if an offer come forth this summer or fall.


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