What is Clemson’s trap game in 2019?

What is Clemson’s trap game in 2019?


What is Clemson’s trap game in 2019?


ESPN says Texas A&M’s trap game this season is its Sept. 7 visit to Death Valley when it takes on likely preseason No. 1 Clemson.


How again is playing the preseason No. 1 ranked team a trap?

Doesn’t the word “trap” mean to lie in wait to make a surprise attack? I don’t think the defending national champions are just going to sneak up on the Aggies and say, ‘Boo! I bet you did not expect us beat you?”

A&M knows exactly what they are coming into visit when they go to Death Valley. They know it is going to be a tough game.

Now, if the folks at ESPN would have said the Aggies were Clemson’s trap game, that might be a little more believable, though I think the Tigers know what they are getting in Texas A&M, too. After all, they did need an interception on a two-point conversion in the closing seconds to seal the win at Kyle Field last year.

In case you are wondering, Clemson’s trip to Syracuse the following week in considered the Tigers’ trap game, which again isn’t really a trap. No one would be totally surprised if the Orange beat Clemson, they did it in the Carrier Dome two years ago.

I think, when you add in last year near defeat, too, Syracuse has Clemson’s full attention.

ESPN’s list makes me wonder if the people at ESPN even know what a trap game is. Clemson, in the current state of the program, should never be a trap game for anyone. The Tigers are not going to sneak up and surprise anyone right now.

Did they not watch the national championship game last year? That was Clemson that blew Alabama out by 28 points, right?

As for who is truly a trap game for Clemson, how about its trip to NC State on Nov. 9. The Tigers have won 14 of their last 15 against the Wolfpack, including last year’s 41-7 win at Death Valley. With NC State replacing seven starters on offense, including its top two receivers, running back and quarterback Ryan Finley, no one would expect the ‘Pack to beat the Tigers. But hey, crazier things have happened in college football.

Did anyone expect Clemson to lose at Syracuse two years ago? Nope! That is why it is called a trap game.


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