Clemson's Griffith is ready to take the next step

Clemson's Griffith is ready to take the next step


Clemson's Griffith is ready to take the next step


A dream became a reality for Clemson right-handed pitcher Owen Griffith when he was selected by the Minnesota Twins in the 20th round of the 2019 Major League Baseball Draft.

“I was just at my house watching T.V. with my friends and my adviser called me,” Griffith told The Clemson Insider recently. “He said, ‘The Twins just drafted you.’ I was like, ‘Are you serious?’ and looked at my phone and it started blowing up.

“I was speechless. I didn’t know how to react to it. I called my mom and that’s how it all happened. The rest of the day was a blur.”

During the 2019 season Griffith had a 2-2 record and 5.40 ERA. He also had a .230 opponent’s batting average and 41 strikeouts in 30 innings pitched in 24 relief appearances.

“This is something that I have always dreamed of as a little kid,” he said. “For the Twins to give me this opportunity … it’s honestly a dream come true.

“Chris Williams is in the Twins’ organization and he’s been texting and calling me. I get to maybe see him sometime soon so it’s really an exciting time in my life. It’s an awesome opportunity the Twins gave me.”

Griffith confirmed he will forgo his senior year at Clemson to sign with the Twins. He is already in Fort Meyers, Florida where he will be doing his physical and signing his contract.

Although his time at Clemson has come to a close, he is so thankful for all he learned during his three years as a Tiger.

“I think the biggest thing I will carry with me is the work ethic that you need and how to be a good teammate,” he said. “Being a good teammate is very important for a clubhouse atmosphere.

“Especially over this past year, my teammates really opened my eyes on what it really means to be a good teammate. So being a good teammate and the work ethic you need to compete at this game at a high level are the two big things I’ve taken away from my Clemson experience.”

If one thing is for sure, Griffith knows he would not be in this position today if it were not for the people who have been there to support him through it all.

“My mom is a big Facebook lady,” he said. “So she posted all this stuff about me getting drafted and she said something that was very true. She said that I would not have been here without all of my coaches. Great men coached me growing up. They really instilled into me the values of how to play baseball the right way.

“So, all of my little league coaches growing up helped me get here. All of my teammates I’ve had at Clemson. My parents set a great example of what it means to work hard, setting your priorities straight and doing everything the right way.”



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