Ennis goes in-depth on All In Cookout experience

Ennis goes in-depth on All In Cookout experience


Ennis goes in-depth on All In Cookout experience


Tallahassee (Fla.) Lincoln tight end Sage Ennis, one of Clemson’s newest commitments, attended the All In Cookout on Friday evening.

The cookout gave Ennis, who pledged to the Tigers on June 17, a chance to really get to know his fellow commits for the first time.

“It was really fun, just being able to chill with the guys and really meet a lot of them,” Ennis told The Clemson Insider. “That was my first time meeting a whole bunch of them, and I didn’t know really how it would go. But in the end, I can see why they did choose Clemson. Coach Swinney talks about trying to find the fit. If you can play, that’s one thing, but you’ve got to fit Clemson. And I’ll tell you what, all of those kids fit Clemson.”

The All In Cookout featured a Wiffle Ball home run derby and dodgeball competition, but the highlight of the night for Ennis was the karaoke contest that went down.

“We did a karaoke game where they would play a song and we’d have to figure out what it was and finish it, or we’d have to name the artist of who sung it and stuff like that,” he said. “You were put onto teams that they picked, so it was a good bonding moment, and just to be able to hang out with them and go through that, it was pretty fun.”

When he wasn’t signing songs, throwing dodgeballs or hitting homers, Ennis had a chance to hang out with some of the uncommitted targets that were on hand and could tell that guys like five-star linebacker Justin Flowe and five-star tight end Arik Gilbert had a good time.

“I didn’t really get to talk to Flowe a lot because he was hanging out with Bryan (Bresee),” Ennis said. “But I think he really enjoys Clemson. He seemed to really be at home with the guys. I talked with Arik, kind of what he was feeling. He says he’s not really sure. He didn’t really give a lot of information on [his recruitment], but obviously they all like Clemson. They all love it. It’s just finding their best fit.”

Clemson’s special 2020 recruiting class got even better this past weekend as talented Canadian born receiver Ajou Ajou announced his commitment to the Tigers after the cookout.

“He’s a pretty cool kid,” Ennis said. “He’s got a story, honestly. But he’s a great guy, and funny. He brings the party to it. When we were changing in the locker room for a photoshoot, they had the music going, and he was in there dancing, breaking it down.”

Clemson now has 19 total commits in its 2020 class, which currently ranks No. 1 nationally, and what was an already tight-knit group grew even closer thanks to the cookout.

“It’s already tight,” Ennis said of their bond. “I was already close with some of the players because I had met them at camp or the Snapchat group chat that we’ve got. But getting to meet them in person and talk and mess around with them, joke around – it was a brotherhood to begin with, but now you can really feel it, and you understand why they’re going to Clemson because everybody is like one another. They’re real chill and easy to get along with. Nobody has a big attitude or is on their high horse. So, at the end of the day, everybody likes each other.”


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