Pollard changes position, how he takes care of himself

Pollard changes position, how he takes care of himself


Pollard changes position, how he takes care of himself


Sean Pollard is looking forward to a great last season with Clemson.

The Jackson Springs, North Carolina native moved to the center position in the spring, showing off his versatility, his eagerness to learn and the ability his to be a leader.

He also showed off his timeliness.

“I have to pick on him a little bit, ‘you waited until Dexter (Lawrence) left before you moved to center, so you wouldn’t have to block him one-on-one.” Clemson co-offensive coordinator Tony Elliott said jokingly.

But joking aside, Pollard has thrived in his new role with the Tigers so far in camp. He spent the first three years playing in 40 games (23 starts) at right tackle and right guard.

“He’s really embraced that role. Sean is the type of young man who likes the big picture, he takes pride in his performance, and felt like center was where he could give us the greatest value,” Elliott said.

After getting a taste at center last year against Notre Dame in the Cotton Bowl, Pollard decided he wanted to focus on center for his senior season. He has been working hard to perfect his technique.

“The big thing is just going out there and performing, so the coaches know they can trust me. I really enjoy it and it has been one of my best years so far,” Pollard said. “I’ve had a positive outlook on everything, and I said in the spring—new position, new Sean.”

Pollard took this new motto to heart when preparing for this coming season. Last year, he weighed 326 pounds and then was 330 by the start of spring practice. After the spring, though, Pollard decided it was time for a change.

“I decided I needed to be a little bit lighter. I looked at myself in the mirror and was just like, ‘You’re not who you need to be, you don’t look healthy’, so I went to our assistant strength and conditioning Coach Paul Hogan, director of nutrition Paul Harrington, and our chef and explained how I needed to put more muscle on and lose this weight to where I would feel better in general,” he said.

With his new physique, a brand-new position, and a newfound positive outlook, Sean Pollard has seen huge results and has been feeling better than ever going through camp thus far.

“I think I dropped twenty-five pounds of fat and gained about twenty pounds of muscle throughout the summer,” he said. “I feel a lot better and camp is going a lot easier because I just feel better and overall healthier.”

With this in mind, Pollard is piecing together his “recipe for success” for the upcoming season and will be looking for a seamless senior year with the Tigers.



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