Turner, Tigers have to be disciplined against A&M

Turner, Tigers have to be disciplined against A&M


Turner, Tigers have to be disciplined against A&M


Clemson safety Nolan Turner is looking forward to taking on No. 12 Texas A&M, in particular quarterback Kellen Mond.

Turner discussed how talented Mond is and how focused the defense must be against the Aggies in Saturday’s 3:30 p.m. showdown at Death Valley.

Turner on playing with his eyes

 “You’ve got to be super disciplined with this offense. He’s (Mond) probably one of the best quarterbacks in the SEC with a great group of receivers and running backs surround him, especially when you’re playing defense … just being disciplined. He can make all the throws, and he has a bunch of guys to help him out. Eyes are going to be big this week.”

Is the defense motivated after what happened last year?

 “I think we are a super motivated defense every week to go in there and play our best. I think just as a player, it’s enough motivation to want to win every week and perform to the best of your ability. That goes into so much, such as film study, practice out here during the week. But having this caliber of an opponent come into our stadium, it’s going to be a fun game.”

Trevor Lawrence’s stop against Georgia Tech

“It just says a lot about Trevor there. He throws a pick, a Heisman candidate, could have said my bad and jogged off like ‘whatever!’ But he goes down there and knocks the guy out on the one-yard line. Then we go four-and-out and make a goal line stance…It said a lot about Trevor and his heart. That was a big play for us. Going down the season, it shows what kind of team we are, the kind of fight we have.”

Turner praises Aggie offense

 “They’re a real smart offense with great coaches, great players. You’ve got to stay true to your call and your keys and your eyes. You’ve got to play real disciplined against their receivers and can’t let them get away from you. You can’t let the hype of the game get carried away or you’ll lose your cool out there. You have to maintain your discipline.”

Turner on the talent on Clemson’s defense

“We’ve been here long enough now that we can think past the hype, but it will be cool to get out there and reap the benefit of our hard work.”

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